Emergency Alerts

About OBX Alerts

The Town of Nags Head, through OBX Alerts, has the ability to send emergency alerts to residents, visitors, and property owners via text, email, and phone. 

Users can choose which county and town lists they want to join when they are setting up and maintaining their profile. All alerts and notifications can be sent via text, email and a phone call, depending upon the methods the user chooses as a way to receive the information. Registering for OBXAlerts will enable citizens and visitors to have emergency and routine notifications delivered to them using the pathways they choose when setting up their account.

Examples of emergency notifications include mandatory evacuation orders, re-entry information, hurricane bulletins, traffic or water service disruptions, and post-disaster information.

When signing up for the OBXAlerts platform, users will establish a very basic Smart911 profile. If they so choose, they can expand their profile with additional information that can be shared with public safety officials, which can be helpful for those with special medical needs or other considerations that public safety officials should be aware of in the event of an emergency. For example, if someone needs assistance when evacuating, has service animals, requires medical equipment or has any other special needs that must be addressed to keep them safe when an emergency occurs. 

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The Smart911 app can be downloaded through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Nags Head News Flash Notifications 

Nags Head's citizens and visitors may also subscribe to receive notifications when news is issued by the Town regarding information such as weekly email broadcasts, bid notices, street closures, weather alerts, water system information, trash schedule changes, red "no swimming" flag notices, etc...

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