Is My Property in a Flood Zone?

Special Flood Hazard Areas

In Nags Head there are two Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) - the AE flood zone and the VE flood zone. Both flood zones are located in the 100 year flood plain. This means that in any given year, these areas have a 1% chance of flooding.

The VE flood zone is at risk for rising flood water with wave action. VE flood zones are typically located adjacent to open bodies of water. The AE flood zone includes other areas in Town which are subject to flooding from rising flood waters.

Available Property Information

The Planning and Development Department will provide you with information about your property in relationship to the special flood hazard area, the history of flooding, and any other information on the Flood Insurance Rate Map. The following information about your property is available upon request:

  • CBRA Designation or OPA Designation
  • Coastal Erosion Rates
  • The community number, the map number and the date of the FIRM’s index
  • A copy of the elevation certificate for your property (some older elevation certificates may be unable)
  • The FIRM zone (X, VE, AE) along with the base flood elevation (BFE) and the elevation datum used on the FIRM, if other than NGVD
  • Historical and localized flooding information
  • Repetitive loss (if your property sustained more than one loss)

Contact the Town’s Planning and Development Department at 252-441-7016 for more information or assistance.