Protect Your Home From Flooding

Protection Measures

There are many ways flood protection measures can eliminate or reduce the risk of future flood damage. Often times, implementing these measures could not only protect your home from flood, but reduce the cost of flood insurance. Protection measures can include:

  • Elevating the lowest floor of the home above flood levels
  • Locating buildings on higher ground or further from the source of flooding
  • Elevating machinery or equipment serving your home such as HVAC units, duct work, water heaters, and electrical equipment
  • Utilizing more flood resistant materials in storage areas that could potentially be flooded
  • Installing flood vents in areas below flood levels

Additional Information

To find out more about reducing your risk of future damage, please contact the Planning and Inspections Department at 252-441-7016. Town staff can meet with you, visit your home, review plans, and offer suggestions on how to better protect your structure from flood damage.