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General Town Forms

  1. Catamaran Rack Storage Rental Harvey Public Sound Access

    Please complete and return this form to the Deputy Town Clerk, Town of Nags Head, PO Box 99. Nags Head, NC 27959. Incomplete forms will... More…

  2. Request for Public Records
  1. Comment Form

    Let us know if you have a comment, suggestion, compliment or complaint. Tell us what you think about our town, our website, or... More…

Planning & Development

  1. Dune Management Cost Share Application

    Application to participate in the Town of Nags Head dune vegetation cost share program. This program is available to ocean front... More…

  2. Flood Information Inquiry

    Use this form to submit an inquiry to the Planning Department regarding flood information.

  3. Septic System Inspection Request Form
  1. Estuarine Shoreline Management Plan

    The principal purpose of the Plan is to develop strategies that will prioritize living shoreline management projects appropriate for... More…

  2. Sand Relocation Application

    Application to relocate wind blown sand (land disturbance) from November through mid April. This program is authorized under the... More…

  3. Volunteer Waiver, Release, and Indemnity for Town of Nags Head Event Volunteers

    This waiver, release, and indemnity must be read and signed by all individuals who volunteer for Town of Nags Head events.

Public Services

  1. Report a Public Services Problem

    Use this form, call 252-441-1122 or Email us at to report a problem or issue to Public Services, including a... More…