K9 Unit

AMI 121217

Police Dog Ami

Ami is a 60 pound female Belgian Malinois imported from Mexico.  Ami was born in June of 2015.  Ami is certified nationally by the North American Police Work Dog Association in Narcotics,Tracking, Building, Area, and Article Searches, Suspect Apprehension, and Obedience.  Ami live with Officer Mitchell, and she loves her favorite tug toy and belly rubs.  At home, Ami can be found in the backyard playing tug of war with her favorite toy.

Police Dog Bak

Bak is a German Shepherd / Belgian Malinois mix imported from Slovakia. Bak was born in December of 2014. Bak is trained to detect the odor of narcotics in vehicles, buildings, open areas, and luggage. He can also track fleeing suspects hiding in buildings and open areas and apprehend fleeing suspects. He is a very happy dog who lives at home with Officer Huntingford. When he is not at work he can be found in the back yard rolling in the grass and playing with his favorite ball.

Police Dog Bak in Police Car