Stormwater Management Funding

Currently, the Stormwater Capital Reserve is funded through a two-cent ad valorem tax. The funds accumulate in the Capital Reserve Fund and can only be used for that specific purpose as outlined in the Capital Reserve Ordinance.

The reserve fund is utilized for drainage improvement projects, drainage maintenance projects, long and short term planning, equipment operation and maintenance, equipment purchases and utility costs. A majority of the costs are applied to contracted services, which include new infrastructure improvements, drainage retrofitting, large scale maintenance and project planning.

The Town of Nags Head is committed to annually investing in its existing stormwater infrastructure. This work focuses on “new” drainage improvements, retrofitting or re-establishing existing infrastructure and performing maintenance on existing drainageways. Large scale construction projects are typically performed via contracted services while smaller scale projects are conducted by Nags Head's Public Works department. Specific work is concentrated on the following:

  • Re-establishing a continuous flowline along existing drainage networks
  • Replacing/realigning/installing pipes where appropriate
  • Eliminating impediments in the drainage ditches/pipes that prohibit flow
  • Establishing/reclaiming drainage elements in connection with other Town work (i.e. roadway projects)
  • Increasing hydraulic capacity (increasing pipe size and ditch geometry where appropriate)
  • Evaluating private development projects and opportunities for drainage improvements

The net result of the drainage improvements is to provide an increased level of service and system efficiency.

The following charts provide a summary of stormwater related expenditures over the prior 5-years. A bulk of the annual expenditures are applied to contracted services for the purposes of planning, maintenance and repair, drainage construction and equipment purchase. A separate chart is shown below describing a breakdown of the expended funds related to the categories of work.

Stormwater Capital  Reserve Five Year Expenditure Plan
Stormwater Contracted Services January 2019
  1. Fiscal Year 13/14
  2. Fiscal Year 14/15
  3. Fiscal Year 15/16
  4. Fiscal Year 16/17
  5. Fiscal Year 17/18
  • Pipe Replacement/Installations:  
    • Nags Head Realty
    • Vista Colony Subdivision
    • South Memorial Avenue
    • Albatross Street
    • Village at Nags Head
    • Whalebone Junction
    • Nags Head Pond 
    • Nags Head Acres
  • Roadway Drainage:  
    • Carolinian Circle
    • Flicker Street