Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for ensuring vendor invoices are accurate and paid in a timely manner.

We provide high-quality professional service to vendors and Town departments. 

Direct Payment/EFT

Effective 9/30/19, all vendors are required to have Direct Payment/EFT as their payment method. Complete the authorization form for EFT, This encrypted DocuSign form will be sent electronically to the Accounts Payable Specialist.

When are invoices paid?

The Town issues payments weekly. To determine the status of an invoice, it’s recommended that vendors email Accounts Payable. Generally, invoices must be approved by the individual department before being processed for payment. If applicable, the purchase order number must be shown on the face of the invoice. For faster processing, the Town is encouraging current vendors to sign up for Direct Payment/EFT.

Vendor Database & E-Verify

Maintaining an accurate vendor database is an essential and important function of Accounts Payable to ensure proper payments. Potential vendors doing business with the Town of Nags Head must complete a new vendor application: New Vendor Application.  The E-Verify Employer Compliance Statement which is part of this application must be filled out only if the contract is subject to G.S. 143-129 (construction or repair contracts of $500,000 or more and purchasing contracts of $90,000 or more).

  1. Vicky Wright

    Accounts Payable Specialist