To support the well-being of our citizens, property owners, and visitors by delivering municipal services in an open, respectful, and responsive manner. 


To thoughtfully preserve our unique coastal environment, heritage, and lifestyle now and for the future. 

This vision is articulated as follows: 

The Town of Nags Head is a unique coastal community built upon a legacy rooted in shared values, including our most recognized common bond - a love for the Outer Banks. We recognize that the town must be a good place to live before it can be a good place to visit. We strive to preserve and protect the Nags Head character, environment, tourism-based economy, and sense of place to ensure a high quality of life for residents and a memorable family vacation experience for present and future generations.  


We uphold our legacy by protecting and promoting our small-town character that includes a sustainable local economy based on family vacation tourism, a high-quality beach experience, and small, locally owned businesses. Fundamental to our legacy and quality of life are preserving the historic architecture and culture that distinguishes our town; providing residents and visitors with excellent public services and well-maintained recreational amenities; and ensuring access to a well-protected natural coastal environment. Our legacy will be strengthened and preserved by a focused, transparent decision-making process that is comprehensive and consistent with the community’s vision.