Flood Videos

Below are a few videos on storm preparedness, flooding, stormwater management, flood insurance, and flood maps.  Please view the Town's YouTube site for a more comprehensive list of Town videos.  

Kevin Zorc, Fire Chief and Emergency Manager for the Town of Nags Head has some tips to help you be prepared for the next storm or flooding event.  For more information on evacuation visit:  

The NC FIMAN Flood Gauge site provides real-time data on stream elevation, rainfall and weather parameters from over 550 gages across North Carolina. Some sites may be rain or stage gages only while some may have weather data available. Many of these gages are managed by the Division of Emergency Management (NCDEM) while some are operated by local government agencies and private organizations. Additionally, gages from the U.S. Geological Survey are included in this network. More information on FIMAN at: NC FIMAN

Learn more about the iFlood app at https://iflood.whoi.edu/. 

If you live in a flood prone area, flood insurance is a necessity. Here's a primer on how to keep up with your flood insurance.

Flood insurance policies help people recover faster. Learn more about the types of coverage offered or visit Flood Smart for more information. 

At the July 2019 meeting, local insurance and finance stakeholders were invited to discuss the preliminary flood maps and what the changes mean for local property owners.

The video provides property owners with critical information about changes in the preliminary flood maps and what they should know before making changes to their flood insurance policies when the new maps are adopted.

Although flood insurance is not required in shaded x zones and x zone properties, some properties being reclassified under the recent map update have historically and repeatedly flooded. In addition, the newly revised flood maps may not accurately reflect soundside flooding hazards or extreme rainfall.

Flood maps do not reflect other flooding sources such as heavy rainfall or elevated groundwater levels.Flood maps only depict those areas subject to a 1% annual chance of flooding. Floods can happen anywhere. Natural hazards and storms are a part of living on the Outer Banks and the sustainability of our community depends on managing flood hazards from all sources. For more information on flood maps and flood insurance, please visit OBXFloodMaps.com

Dare County communities are vulnerable to flooding.  Learn useful tips for property owners on how to protect your property from flooding.  
Learn about what the Town of Nags Head is doing to manage stormwater runnoff and prevent flooding and how you can help manage stormwater on your property!  For more information on the Town's Stormwater Program, visit: Stormwater Management in Nags Head.