What does the Town do to maintain the drainage system?

Drainage maintenance along Town public rights-of-way is performed by the Nags Head Public Work’s Department. Preventative maintenance is scheduled during the offseason to include storm pipe jetting and removal of accumulated sediment, debris and vegetation. Due to the expansiveness of the drainage network and limited resources available, Town forces attempt to conduct preventive maintenance activities twice a year. Activities are documented by location and maintenance type. Access recent Town maintenance activities performed.

Predictive maintenance work along Town Public rights-of-way are conducted annually through drainage infrastructure improvement projects via subcontracted work. This work typically consists of existing storm pipe and structure repair and replacement projects via subcontracted services. Visit latest news for scheduled and ongoing drainage construction work.

Drainage maintenance along South Virginia Dare Trail, South Croatan Highway, or South Old Oregon Inlet Road, is performed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). NCDOT is responsible for repairs and maintenance on the five ocean outfalls located throughout the Town.

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