Water Quality Testing Program


  • To measure the effectiveness of the Town's Septic Health Initiative
  • To provide a general measure of water quality in the Town of Nags Head
Water Quality Inspection

Monitoring sites

Monitoring through-out Nags Head that will attempt measure the levels of bacteria and nutrients in groundwater as it gravitates from an area close to septic systems towards surface water monitoring sites. Monitoring locations include:

  • Old Nags Head Cove (6 surface monitoring sites in finger canals and 8 groundwater wells)
    •  Groundwater monitoring wells between septic systems and surface water monitoring sites
  • West-side subdivision of Vista Colony (4 groundwater monitoring wells)
    •  Groundwater monitoring wells (only) in this subdivision will be compared with other areas being monitored with surface waters
  • Wrightsville and Memorial Avenue area of Conch Shell Estates and Geo T. Stronach subdivisions (2 surface and 2 groundwater wells)
    •  Ground and surface water monitoring at the north (Wrightsville Avenue) and south (Memorial Avenue) ends of these adjoining subdivisions.
    •  Will possibly show contrasts of an existing subdivision already developed with that of an area currently being developed.
  • Village of Nags Head (2 surface and 2 groundwater well monitoring sites)
    •  Ground and surface water monitoring in and around this subdivision will help to compare an area with centralized sewer such as this with other areas in Nags Head using septic systems.
  • South Nags Head at S Oregon Inlet Road -2 ocean-side surface monitoring sites, 2 drainage ditch surface monitoring sites (west of South Old Oregon Inlet Road at north and south ends of drainage ditch), and 9 groundwater monitoring wells at town beach access’ on SO.O.I.R.
    •  Ground and surface water to view impact on storm-water ditch
  • Nags Head Woods (1 groundwater monitoring well)
    •  Groundwater monitoring in an area without development to provide control data for the rest of the monitoring sites.
  • Data Collection and Distribution
    •  Collection by private contractor or Town staff
    •  Testing by private contractor in state certified laboratory
    •  Distribution to: Town's web-site and cooperating agencies
    •  Costs are determined by bidding. Proposals solicited from private sector firms and Town staff


View the North Map (PDF) or South Map (PDF) to view the Water Quality sites being monitored and their location to septic systems inspected through the Initiative.