Community Services

Internet Purchase Exchange Location

Internet Purchase Exchange Location

The Nags Head Police Department has a designated area for meeting those who someone has scheduled an online purchase with.  The designated area is located in the traffic circle, directly in front of the Nags Head Police Department, and is under constant video surveillance.  This area should be considered for usage when meeting an unknown party through an exchange that has taken place over the internet.

Extra Patrol

As always, Nags Head residents and business owners can request an extra patrol of their properties while they are out of the area. Simply make a request by contacting the Nags Head Police Department at 252-441-6386 or by email (email the Police Department). Notify staff of your name, the property to be monitored, dates requested, and any emergency contact information.

Med Return

The appropriate disposal of medications is always a difficult task, but a service offered by Nags Head Police makes it easy. Located in the lobby of the Nags Head Police Department is a drug collection unit aptly named Med Return. Residents and visitors alike can make quick and easy disposal of unwanted medications by simply bringing them to our agency and placing them into the unit.

Accepted Items

Items that are accepted include:

  • Over-the-Counter Medications
  • Prescription Medications
  • Prescription Ointments
  • Prescription Patches
  • Prescriptions
  • Vitamins

Not Accepted Items

Items that aren't accepted include needles, inhalers, aerosol cans, medications from businesses or clinics

Medicine Return

Bicycle Registration Program

Residents, and those who frequently ride bicycles in Nags Head, can now register their bicycles with the Nags Head Police Department.  Simply contact an officer through our office (252-441-6386) to have your bicycle information recorded, and a unique bicycle registration tag will be affixed to your bicycle. These registration tags can assist us in the event we are ever in need of locating the proper owner of a bicycle.

Nags Head Bicycle Registration