Beach Nourishment Monitoring

Each spring/summer, the Town conducts a survey of the amount of sand in the 2011 beach nourishment project area (from Bonnett Street south to the Nags Head town line with the National Park Service) as part of the August 2011 Beach Monitoring and Maintenance Plan.

  1. Dune Vegetation Cost Share Program Now Available

    The Town values planting native dune vegetation to establish and retain protective oceanfront dunes. Therefore, a cost-share program is available to oceanfront homeowners who would like to plant approved, native dune vegetation on their properties. Read on...
  2. Beach Nourishment Project/Easement Acquisition

    The Town of Nags Head is currently planning a beach nourishment project related to 2019's Hurricane Dorian, with construction possibly taking place in the summer of 2022. Read on...
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