Pedestrian Project Advisory Committee

Feet on Nags Head Multi Use Path


The Pedestrian Project Advisory Committee identifies and ranks future pedestrian projects for consideration by Nags Head's Board of Commissioners in advance of the Town's annual capital Improvement program process. The Town’s pedestrian priorities have changed with the installation of the west side multi-use path with a focus towards improved bicycle and pedestrian neighborhood connections to the path. 

Committee Members                                               Meetings

Meade Gwinn                                                  September 27, 2022 Meeting agenda package
Lynda Frattone                                                September 27, 2022 Meeting minutes
Aaron McCall                                                  October 11, 2022 Meeting agenda package
William Simmonds                                          October 11, 2022 Meeting minutes
Rick Termeer                                                   November 9, 2022 Meeting agenda package
Kim Coward                                                    November 9, 2022 Meeting minutes
Renee Cahoon, Commissioner                       December 13, 2022 Meeting agenda
Andy Garman, Town Manager                        December 13, 2022 Meeting minutes
David Ryan, Town Engineer                           January 10, 2023 Meeting agenda
Shane Hite, Dep. Fire Chief                           January 10, 2023 Meeting agenda backup