How were the properties selected for rezoning?

The properties between Hollowell Street and the 7-Eleven at Conch Street have been recommended to be rezoned from C-2 to R-3. Most of this area has been developed residentially to the R-3 standard. Therefore, the most compatible classification with this area is R-3. Additionally, extension of the R-3 district would require an undisturbed vegetative buffer along US 158, which was a requisite when Old Nags Head Place was developed. This buffer maintains an attractive and functional (stormwater absorption), vegetated corridor across from Jockey’s Ridge State Park. 

The properties from the 7-Eleven south to Mulligan’s Grille are currently developed as commercial uses; therefore, the C-5 designation was selected for them. 

Areas where there are clusters of residentially developed and vacant properties south of Mulligan’s have been designated as R-3. Areas with commercial development or a mixture of commercial and residential development have been designated as C-5.

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1. What is zoning?
2. What zoning changes are being proposed?
3. What is the purpose of the proposal?
4. What are the standards of the R-3, High Density Residential Zoning District?
5. What are the standards of the new C-5, Historic Character Commercial zoning district?
6. What does the rezoning mean for my property?
7. How were the properties selected for rezoning?
8. If my property is non-conforming, what does this mean if I want to make further improvements?