Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Project

Nags Head Town Code Updates

The UDO update is the second phase of FOCUS Nags Head. This project involves updating many sections of the Nags Head Town Code into a consolidated Unified Development Ordinance. This will include updates to:

  • Administrative procedures
  • Environmental regulations
  • Floodplain development
  • Nuisances
  • Streets
  • Subdivision regulations
  • Zoning

The goal is to modernize the code, provide clarification and consistency in the ordinance, and streamline permitting and administrative procedures.

Technical Committee

The Board of Commissioners established a Technical Committee to provide technical review and guidance on the development regulations and code sections as they are being drafted as well as keeping their respective constituencies informed about project progress.  Members will provide feedback on proposed work products prior to information being presented at public meetings.  

The goal of the presentations to these committees is to reach consensus on the desirability of proposed changes, but these committees are not required to vote on or approve draft work products.