Program Criteria


It is anticipated that funding for use by the committee for arts and culture will be allocated by the Board on an annual basis and will depend on available revenue. Town staff will work with the committee to administer funds and provide support. However, the committee’s decisions related to the expenditure of budgeted funds will be independent from the Board of Commissioners. 

Member Criteria

The committee will be comprised of seven individuals including one town staff representative. Committee members will be selected by the Board of Commissioners through the application process and should have a background/experience that demonstrates a knowledge, education, or experience in the arts or designing and/or promoting cultural activities. Individuals should have a relationship to the community either through business ownership, property ownership, residency, or through demonstrated contribution to the Town’s art and/or cultural resources. The committee may also include representatives from selected non-profit partners or educators that support arts and culture.


This will be a standing committee with members appointed to three year terms. There is no limit on the number of terms that a member may serve. The committee will meet as needed with a minimum of one meeting per quarter.