Resilient Coastal Communities Program

In 2021, Nags Head was chosen as one of many communities to participate in the NC Division of Coastal Management’s (DCM) Resilient Coastal Communities Program (RCCP). This new program addresses the need to advance coastal resilience for municipalities in the 20 coastal counties in North Carolina. This program provides funding and technical assistance to Nags Head for developing resilience strategies and associated project engineering, design, and implementation, and incentivizes innovative solutions (natural and nature-based). 

The overall goal of the RCCP is to involve the community in setting coastal resilience goals, assessing the existing conditions and needed capacity, and identifying and prioritizing projects that will enhance Nags Head’s resilience and response to coastal hazards. This process will eventually result in a Resilience Strategy for the Town of Nags Head. 


The Town has undertaken numerous planning efforts that prepare and assist the Town with this process:

Project Schedule 

The Town has been building a foundation for the Resiliency Strategy through these planning efforts. The Town is well on its way through Phase 2 of the Resilient Coastal Communities Program – Planning, Project Identification, & Prioritization. The project schedule is subject to change, but it is anticipated that Phase 2 will be complete in Spring/Summer 2022, and moving into Phase 3 in the Summer of 2022.


Community Action Team

To begin the Risk & Vulnerability component of Phase 1, the creation of a Community Action Team of key stakeholders to provide targeted input and champion the effort is needed.  The Community Action Team for Nags Head will be a combination of the Planning Board and key staff members.  These staff members include the Town Manager, Deputy Town Manager, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Town Engineer, Public Services Director, Planning & Development Director, Senior Environmental Planner, Environmental Planner,  and Public Information Officer.  

Since the Planning Board is serving as the CAT, agendas, meeting materials, and minutes for this project can be found on the Planning Board Agenda Center Page HERE.