Jockey's Ridge Soundside Rd Access Ad-Hoc Committee

At the December 2 2020 Board of Commissioners meeting, the Board formed an ad-hoc group to investigate the workings of the Jockey’s Ridge Soundside Access area in order to move forward both operationally and police-wise.

The committee’s charge is to explore solutions to mitigate resident concerns and clarify management responsibilities moving forward.

October 25 2020 - Back-up to BOC

December 17 2020 Minutes

January 25 2021 Minutes

Soundside Road Car Count

March 4, 2021 Draft Minutes

March 11, 2021 Draft Minutes

March 25, 2021 Draft Minutes

April 7, 2021 Final Recommendations to BOC

Committee Members
Megan Vaughan, Soundside Road resident
Bobbie Murray, Soundside Road resident
Michael Siers, Mayor Pro Tem
Andy Garman, Dep Town Manager
Joy Greenwood, Superintendent Jockey's Ridge State Park
Michael Zehner, Planning & Dev. Director
Phil Webster, Chief of Police