Waste Reduction Task Force

On August 5, 2020, the Board of Commissioners established a task force focused on waste reduction initiatives. These initiatives would promote the reuse of materials, reduced consumption, and diversion of materials from the waste stream. The task force would also focus on the proper and responsible handling of materials by the consumer as well as the town or the town’s contractors.

September 11 2020 - Agenda - Memo - Presentation
September 11 2020 - Minutes

October 1 2020 - Agenda - Tonnage Data
October 1 2020 - Minutes

November 2, 2020 - Agenda-Presentation
November 2, 2020 - Draft Minutes

February 4, 2021 - Agenda Package
February 4, 2021 - Draft Minutes

Task Force Charge

•   Focus on waste reduction initiatives

•   Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

•   Efforts to reduce waste stream or handle waste stream cost effectively

•   Responsible disposal practices

•   Education

•   Community education

•   Review of Town programs and services

•   Recommendations to the Board on revised or new services

Task Force Members

Kari Bakus
David Bragg
Ann Daisey
Meredith Fish
Robert Netsch


Greg Sparks, Interim Town Manager
Andy Garman, Deputy Town Manager
Mike Norris, Sanitation/Facilities Maintenance Superintendent
Roberta Thuman, Public Information Officer
Carolyn Morris, Town Clerk